Welcome to Wire by Steve!

Wire by Steve

Steve Seifer has been creating unique handcrafted wire sculptures for over 30 years. Steve's designs are whimsical in nature, yet are intrinsic in detail and are all hand-made. Steve's designs can be individualized to reflect a person's hobby, profession, or a preferred sport.

•Steve's stable of sculptures include practically every professional whether a doctor, lawyer, carpenter, mechanic or hairdresser.
•For hobbies, anything you can think of Steve can create; a musician, athlete, or just a hobby such as fishing or gardening.
•Be creative with Steve. Just tell Steve about your hobbies and profession and Steve will create a personalized sculpture just for you.

Steve has created thousands of sculptures and heard just as many wire jokes.

“This guy is bent out of shape!”
“He has quite a twisted personality!”

Steve loves the jokes and the smiles on his client’s faces when they receive their sculpture.

If you do not see what you want on the website, all sculptures are made to order.

You absolutely can customize any sculpture! The website only holds a small portion of the thousands of handcrafted, wire sculptures Steve has created over the years. While most of the images on the site show some of the most popular styles, Steve can create just about anything you can imagine! Just click here to contact Steve, and he will collaborate with you to create a unique, custom wire sculpture.